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Who we are?

High qualified transportation and infrastructure is one of the crucial parts of our country's Economy. Transportation and infrastructure play an important role in the daily lives of billions of people.  With the development of the country there are demanding needs of the improvement of Highways and Roads, Railways, Bridges and Tunnels, Harbors and Power Stations and so on. Designing solutions do not have to cover the current prospects,  but have to consider also future improvement possibilities with the increasing of demands on transportation infrastructure. Accordingly, designing solutions of Transportation and Infrastructure aid to the living conditions of human being with the minimizing of influences on the Environment. Therefore,  there is a necessary need on the application of innovative designing in engineering . We are providing such great opportunities to our customers and creating confidence with the quality and effectiveness as well as the safety of our designing solutions.

INNOPRO LLC company has been launched as group of designers since 2009 and till now have accomplished more than 100 local and international Projects of highways, roads, railways, bridges and tunnels and corresponding traffic facilities. During the accomplishment of those projects our designing group has been grown with the attaining of different engineering experiences. Accordingly, it's been a stimulus for us to promote our group of designers as a company in the beginning 2016.

INNOPRO LLC carries out design works on the basis of the license of the Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Azerbaijan and carries out the author's control over the construction and installation works in accordance with the project.

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Design of Railways

  • Design of railway stations
  • Design of contact network devices
  • Design of instrumentation and fire alarm systems
  • Design of high-voltage power lines and installations
  • Design of automatic fire extinguishing systems
  • Design of power supply systems

Design of roads, motorways and highways

  • Designing of main and city roads
  • Designing of airfield runways
  • Designing of intersections at the same and different levels
  • Designing of the construction organization
  • Designing and calculation of the roads surface pavements
  • Budgeting

Design of building phases

  • Projects for the development of buildings, structures and their surroundings
  • Designing of public buildings and structures
  • Designing of industrial buildings
  • Development of outline designs
  • Designing of landscapes
  • Designing of engineering systems

Design of bridges and tunnels

  • Designing of bridges and tunnels
  • Designing of water pipe lines
  • Designing of drainage systems
  • Designing of retaining walls

Geodesy and geological exploration

  • Engineering and geodetic works
  • Engineering and geological survey work
  • Laboratory study of soils


  • Railways
  • Highways and roads
  • Bridges, tunnels and intersections
  • Buildings and constructions


Engineering & consulting

1. INNOPRO LLC carries out design works under the license of the Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Azerbaijan and consulting services for construction-installation works in accordance with the project:
  • Railways
  • Highways and roads
  • Bridges, tunnels and intersections
  • Buildings and constructions
2. Approval of project documents by state supervisory authorities:
  • The executive power of the regions
  • State Service of Fire Supervision MES
  • Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources
  • Republican Center for Hygiene and Epidemiology
  • Industrial Safety and Mining Supervision State Agency under the Ministry of Emergency Situations
  • CJSC Azerbaijan Railways
  • Azerbaijani State Agency of Highways
3. Designing proceeding from technical conditions:
  • Water supply - JSC Azersu
  • Gas supply -  Azerigaz PU, Gas Export Administration
  • Electricity supply - OJSC AzerEnergi, JSC AzerIshyg
  • Department of Communications - Ministry of Transport, Communications and High Technologies
  • Crossing private organizations
Realization of "turnkey" projects - INNOPRO LLC offers its customers high-quality design works from beginning till the end, on time and with final budget. The participation of INNOPRO specialists in Construction Consulting is a guarantee of your investments, quality of work and timely completion of the project. Our organization provides services from the submission of an application to the receipt of an expert evaluation of design estimates from the Non-institutional State Head Examinational Department of the State Agency for Control over Construction Safety of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Republic of Azerbaijan.